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In early 2007, I made a bet with a close friend of mine that there were in fact legitimate work at home opportunities or is it too good to be true? That’s what I set out to discover, and what I will share with you on this blog. I started looking at possibilities of earning money online. I signed up with just about every opportunity I saw and read on the net - autosurfing, taking surveys, paid to read (PTRs) paid to sign up (PTS) paid to click (PTCs), etc. Now true enough some of the sites were scams, I got spywares, viruses, spam mails, and junk mails . However I found some great companies as well. All companies listed I have personally signed up to and so far I'm having great success! I hope that by sharing the information that I have researched you too can become financially independent and find a great work from home job that suits you. I created this site to help those who want to earn online and to prove to everyone that not everything on the net is a scam. In fact most of the sites that were scams were FREE TO JOIN. There are a lot of legitimate ways to earn online. So why not take advantage of it? Here you will find the best GPT programs as well as the latest information on the fastest growing HYIP (high yield investment) programs on the web. This site also lists legitimate home based opportunities, FREE ELECTRONICS,CASH,PRIZES and other related and helpful sites as well as information on the SCAMS sites on the web to help you make your job search easier. There's even information for all the entrepreneurs and webmasters out there who is looking to take their online business to the next level. Feel free to browse around and signup if you are interested. My blessings to everyone and good luck!

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For many people, knowing where to start is half the battle. One has to be informed of the choices available if one is to make good decisions.
You probably don’t need to be told this, but the amount that you earn online will be commensurate to the value you have created. Making money online is not much different from making money offline – you will have to work to get anything. Whatever it is you choose to do, however, do not stop looking for ways to improve. Working from home isn't for everyone, but for many with young children, working from home is a great way to earn money. Another advantage of working from home is that you save money on the daily commute, business attire and daycare.
The trait that I have noticed in all successful people online is that you have to not only be willing to put in the work, but you have to stick with it. Many online opportunities are potentially profitable but may take a while to get them to work. I believe most people give up too soon. So you have to believe in yourself.
There are many options available to you online. The main promise behind most work at home opportunities is to show you a way to make money from the comfort of your home, below are some legitimate job opportunities that I have been successful with.

7 DOLLAR SECRET Jonathan Ledger has created a $7 report that teaches you his step by step system for turning $7 into $3,000 in only 7 days. This has got to be the easiest way to make money online in my opinion .

Proof of payment
I signed up and may have spent 1 hour following his instructions step by step just to test it out and over the next few days I saw results. Check it out here:

Get Paid To Beta Test And Play Games. Get Free Game Copies, Learn How To Get A Video Game Tester Job. Click Here!

Get paid to take pictures. No experience necessary. Become a photographer


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The Forex market is a nonstop cash market where currencies of nations are traded, typically via brokers. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets and traders' investments increase or decrease in value based upon currency movements. Foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events.

The main enticements of currency dealing to private investors and attractions for short-term Forex trading are:
* 24-hour trading, 5 days a week with nonstop access to global Forex dealers.
* An enormous liquid market making it easy to trade most currencies.
* Volatile markets offering profit opportunities.
* Standard instruments for controlling risk exposure.
* The ability to profit in rising or falling markets.
* Leveraged trading with low margin requirements.
* Many options for zero commission trading. If there is anybody who is looking for a career in foreign exchange these tips are bound to prove useful.
Forex Trading Explained

A Guaranteed Way to make profits in the FOREX market .. Quickly And Easily! If you are apart of the forex investment industry like I am. I was a bit confused as to how to trade and invest wisely without losing my hard earned money. I was just about ready to give up on Forex then I stumbled upon this site so i took a chance on it and my profits have doubled within the past month. Join Forex here and double your profits below:

CONSISTENTLY make profits in FOREX. With REAL MONEY LIVE Trading account results posted on website weekly. Before you buy from us, search around on the net and eBay, and if you find a similar product, ask the vendor to provide you with REAL MONEY Trading account results. If they can't provide you with Real Money Trading account results, then consider the following - If they don't risk their money trading their product why should YOU?

MINVESTMENT is a private investment company. They have been in business since 2000 and their team consists of experienced investment advisors, skilled market analysts, professional traders and legal experts. Basically here's how it works you deposit funds with them and, in turn, they allow these funds to earn interest for you. Minimum deposit is only $15.00. I invested $200.00 and within 7 days my payout was $222.75. It sure beats any savings account. Five stars excellent service. - Real Company. Since 2000. Up to 2.3% daily. Phone Support.

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The Rich Kids

I just started working for this company in July. It was something new and I have been searching for quite a while now trying to avoid all the scams. Now this will not make you rich and there is no get rich quick scheme behind it. But it is a good way to earn extra income. I was skeptical at first and now I can confirm that the rich kids is a legitimate company and they have great customer support. The money has been rolling in ever since they are always consistent and on time with their payments. Standing ovations for the rich kids!

My Proof of Payments from The Rich Kids please click to view larger image

Online Survey Takers Listen Up
I have stumbled across a few sites that ask you to take surveys online and they may pay you $1.00-$2.00 per survey for 20-45 minutes a piece. That to me just isnt worth my time However i did run across a site that links you with the most top paying surveys on the web. At that point I was still skeptical because of the reasons listed below then I saw this from their FAQ section:

How do I know the companies will really pay me? What guarantee do I have that I will be paid? All the companies on our list have been thoroughly researched. If a company was to not pay a survey taker we would be the first to know. Any company that would do that would be quickly removed from our list. In the many years we have been offering surveys we have never heard of a company that did not pay a survey or focus group participate. The companies we list are very reputable marketing companies that have a high standard of business.

Can I trust these companies with my personal information and email address? I don't want to receive Spam after I sign up! All the companies on our list have strict privacy polices. The only persons with access to your information will be the survey companies themselves. They are not allowed to share your information with anyone. This also means they can not sell or share your email address with any third party. You do not have to worry about getting Spam mail just because you sign up to take surveys.

I gave it a shot anyway for the purposes of my research and to my suprise I participated in a focus group for an hour and got paid $140 for my time. That intrigued me a bit about this company so I did an actual survey and got another payment of $60 and this was all within two weeks. Basically I completed two tasks for them and made $200. If you like taking surveys the following programs are definitely for you. These are the top survey sites on the web!

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I have had quite a few people who has recently asked me about making money online. My success has been through advertisement. I’ve been involved in online business long enough that I’ve tried pretty much every single form of advertising you can do on the Internet. It’s up to webmasters and site owners to constantly be on the bleeding edge of innovation in order to get decent ad conversions and advertising. Advertise your website through banners, text links, magazines, newspapers, media and offline advertisements. This is an invitation that should catch the attention. Make sure to make convincing advertisements. Aside from the mentioned above you can also try giving away free e-books or articles as well as classified ads.To build a good website, you must build a good reputation. It is the most effective way to make your website famous. This is attained through writing emails and making good contents of your website. You can also write articles on other websites as long as you put a small resource box after your article. This will serve as the link to your website. With more articles you made, the more chance of getting more traffic in your website There are many places like Donkeymails and Clixsense in which you can advertise for low prices but what has paid off best is investing in great advertising programs and site submitters like the ones I have listed below. Once I started investing a bit my blog exploded.

I generated 9,432 hits with these sites in only 2 weeks:

Instant Blog Links The search engine ranking for my blog went up with this

Get Traffic Get listed to more than 100 top search engines now at

Forum Equilizer I also tried this program for forum listings. It worked well because i didn't have to spend hours typing up ads to hundreds of forums . I only typed up various ads and it submits instantly to over 85 of the top forums on the web.

Viral friend Generator Increase your visitors with just a push of a button

7 Figure Code Traffic Generator For serious advertisers wanting to make millions

Here are some other helpful programs that I use to help keep my business organized:

Create 1000s Of Adsense Keywords, Dominate Adwords.

The Power of Great Looking Links Gets You Higher Click Thru's

Google adsense and adwords exposed

Computer Slow! Scan PC now!

What 2 things does Donald Trumph and Bill Gates have in common? Find the answer here.

More for your home based business here

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Free Stuff


Welcome to the world of Freebies its simple basically you sign up for sites complete an offer or two which are many $1.00 offers, refer people and get free cash and prizes. I've been doing this for two months now and I'm having alot of fun doing it. I'm earning anywhere from $1200- $1500 a month. I must tell you though You will NOT get rich doing this. This will provide more spending money for you but will probably not make you able to quit your job and do this full-time although some people have. For more information and detailed instructions for these sites. Open this page in a new window then PLEASE READ

These are the top 3 sites that i would choose these are all newbie friendly and great customer support. All sites are FREE to join. Immediately signup by entering in your email address after clicking on the link. You will need to have a paypal account.

1.Five Stars Paypal 2 Dollar deal $100-$600.00 via paypal (excellent easy site speedy payments, great customer support)

2.Five stars Get R Free Cash rewards $120-$599.99 via paypal (speedy payouts great customer support easy credits. Click on icon below to view proof of payment

3. Five stars Gamingmonster Playstation 3, Nintendo wii, xbox 360,Nintendo DS lite, Sony PSP, X Box 360 HD DVD player, $250 via paypal (great prizes to choose from, speedypayouts)

Click on icon to view proof of payment

Here are a few more free gift sites that are really good
All For One Your Gifts Free LCD TV, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 $100-$1000.00 CASH via Paypal click on image
80dollars All Freebie World $400-$2400.00 cash
Computers Order Free Gifts Insane Alienware gaming PC, Ultimate gaming PC, Excelllent Combo PC,Sony Vaio Laptop, Apple Macbook, HP Pavillion a6110 PC, HP Pavillion Notebook, $240-$1200.00 via paypal click on image

Wish 4 Free Gadgets Canon powershot camera, Microsoft Zune, Creative Zen Vision, Sony DCR DVD camcorder, Apple TV, IPod shuffle, IPod Nano, IPod Video, $200-$599.00 via paypal click on icon below


I have been working for quite a few GPT programs now and these by far are the best GPT programs that i have worked with all are free to join all have great customer support. All made timely payments and kept promises. International members are welcomed.

Marketing Pond I joined a downline builder club called Marketing Pond about 3 months ago that has some of the top pay sites such as Hits4Pay, ClixSense, Mylot, AdBux, Treasure Troopers, and many more. These sites pay you to click ads, read emails, post to forums, and complete offers. I have since been very busy promoting it and have managed to build a great downline. If anyone is interested in spending some time and putting forth some effort, Marketing Pond is a great way make money. It is FREE to join and all the resources are free to use. They have many international websites as well Visit the list and signup today

SEND EARNINGS Get Instant Cash for sampling everyday items, reading emails from advertisers and taking online surveys! Instant $3 bonus!

CASH LAGOON Get paid to complete offers. Ive had great success with them. Fast instant payouts. See proof here click on icon to view larger image

Make money with cash lagoon

Get paid to shop and do surveys! Get paid to refer people! Earn media points for media awards! Many contests every month! DAILY PAYOUT for free offers, monthly payout for other offers! NO MINUMUM PAYOUT for Paypal Other payment options: Check & Gift Cards Earn with Media dollarz

DONKEYMAILS FREE Membership No minimum E-gold Payout! Low $1 Paypal and Alertpay Payout Earn extra money playing games High Rewarding USA/Search Country Signup Offers! Earn Reading Our eMails Get Paid for Clicking on ads Get Paid for sign-ups Complete tasks with the toolbar and earn money Payouts through E-gold, Paypal and Alertpay Payouts will be made weekly! Earn extra money playing games Get Paid To Promote $0.75 per 1,000 Credits!5 Referral levels of commission under you Level 1 - 5%Level 2 - 4%Level 3 - 3% Level 4 - 2%Level 5 - 1% Only 10% activity required for Referral earnings! Earn with donkeymails

Earn By mails Like Donkeymails. Get Paid for Receiving, Reading and Visiting the Sites of the Greatest Interest to You!Refer Others and Get Paid
NO POINT Emails if not requested!
No Minimum Payout can request fortnightly
Now with PTP! $0.70CPM please read TOS
0% activity requirement to earn from your downline!
Payout Via E-gold, Paypal and Alertpay
Real Time Payment List Inside!
Accounts get deleted after 60 or more days of inactivity.
Earn 15% from your referrals (one level)! Join Today

Get paid mailLaunched March 26th 2002!
Get Paid to Read Emails
All Emails worth between 0.25 and 2 cent
Get Paid to Visit Sites + Paid Manualhits!
Earn up to $1 per Free Signup! More then $80 to earn with Free Offers!
Earn points for FREE advertising, optional.
No Activity needed To earn Referral Earnings! (Only click 1 link each 30 days to stay active)
International Members Welcome
$8 Payout for Non-Gold Members
No-Minimum Payout for Gold Members
Payouts Paypal within 10 Days! Join GetPaid Mail
They also have a great advertising program here Prices start just from $1.50
Paid Email, Paid Click, Banner Impressions, or Paid to signup Advertising
7 Options to make payment
Weekly Specials with Huge Discounts!
All Members are Opt-In
Advertise Memberships with discounts and more!

GRASP AFTERTIMEGet Paid to Read and Click E-mails Worth $130 OnlyPTCs Worth $100
Only$90000 Payout for Free Member
No Minimum For Diamond Member!Upgrade for only $20.60
Cash Signup Bonus $1000
Referral Bonus $100
Payments Are Made Via AlertPay, Check, E-Bullion, E-Gold, MoneyBookers, Money Order, PayPal, Western Union, Wire Transfer! 5 Ref Levels of Commission Under You:20%,15%,10%,5%,2% Join Grasp Aftertime now

Treasure Trooper Get paid to complete cash offers, complete surveys for cash, and much more. For a limited time Treasure Trooper is giving away a free iphone. Join Treasure Trooper Today

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These are the sites that I personally would not recommend you trying and guess what they are ALL FREE TO JOIN so you see not all free sites are legit. This site basically is a GPT program where you get offered $100.-$200.00 dollars for each email you read it is listed under most ptr blacklists and here is my confirmation THEY DO NOT PAY. True enough yes this site is initially free to join and I have the minimum payout listed for free members however when it comes time to redeem or cash out there are no options listed to do so. I had worked with them for over a month tried the customer support bar to file a complaint on their website or get help, no response. The contact email address in which they send to your email address for you to read their ptr's does not seem to exist

My proof :Hi. This is the qmail-send program at'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.: does not like recipient.Remote host said: 550 sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)Giving up on to top things off they have went down twice in one month because they did not pay their webhost. STAY WAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE

Other sites to stay away from* = Unlicensed Cash Crusader site** = Boycotted Sites from*** = IFrame Cheater (invisible pages to fraud search engines!)" = (Far) behind with payouts"" = Site from Dragon Team, well known for not paying!""" = Site from clickbuxx-Team, well known for not paying!° = Site from Cherokee Treasures Holdings, well known for not paying********"**""°°°******""**
bigdollar-mails*""***""******"""******""*****°**** (force searching)**°***"*""°°*""""""°****°***"""""""*° "**************""""***""°*********°***°***°***"°°* (still sends mails to canceled member)°°*********** (forces searches)*******°****""*********** (forces searches)*****°°****""****""""*****"""""**""""****"""*""**"°****°*""****
visionptr.comwarm-mails****°***(continues sending mails to canceled member)°°***

All sites belonging to Evelyn Turner
All sites belonging to Michelle Thompson
All sites belonging to Steve Allen
All sites belonging to Cherokee Treasures Holdings (Tanya Hilz)

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Other sites that have helped me along the way

The Credit Secrets Bible
I recently ordered this program and its great I had overwhelming debt and it taught me how to reduce my credit card debt by at least 35% and you know that normally you would have to pay a credit counselor for that but I ordered this program instead and did it myself that way I KNOW that it was done. I am now CLEANING up my credit and my credit score has went up at least 159 points. Also I didn't know that there was a 4th credit bureau either, this program works wonders!!!! 5 stars anyone would be crazy to pass it up unless you already have excellent credit.

Click here to get The Credit Secrets Bible

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