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The Forex market is a nonstop cash market where currencies of nations are traded, typically via brokers. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets and traders' investments increase or decrease in value based upon currency movements. Foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events.

The main enticements of currency dealing to private investors and attractions for short-term Forex trading are:
* 24-hour trading, 5 days a week with nonstop access to global Forex dealers.
* An enormous liquid market making it easy to trade most currencies.
* Volatile markets offering profit opportunities.
* Standard instruments for controlling risk exposure.
* The ability to profit in rising or falling markets.
* Leveraged trading with low margin requirements.
* Many options for zero commission trading. If there is anybody who is looking for a career in foreign exchange these tips are bound to prove useful.
Forex Trading Explained

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