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The Rich Kids

I just started working for this company in July. It was something new and I have been searching for quite a while now trying to avoid all the scams. Now this will not make you rich and there is no get rich quick scheme behind it. But it is a good way to earn extra income. I was skeptical at first and now I can confirm that the rich kids is a legitimate company and they have great customer support. The money has been rolling in ever since they are always consistent and on time with their payments. Standing ovations for the rich kids!

My Proof of Payments from The Rich Kids please click to view larger image

Online Survey Takers Listen Up
I have stumbled across a few sites that ask you to take surveys online and they may pay you $1.00-$2.00 per survey for 20-45 minutes a piece. That to me just isnt worth my time However i did run across a site that links you with the most top paying surveys on the web. At that point I was still skeptical because of the reasons listed below then I saw this from their FAQ section:

How do I know the companies will really pay me? What guarantee do I have that I will be paid? All the companies on our list have been thoroughly researched. If a company was to not pay a survey taker we would be the first to know. Any company that would do that would be quickly removed from our list. In the many years we have been offering surveys we have never heard of a company that did not pay a survey or focus group participate. The companies we list are very reputable marketing companies that have a high standard of business.

Can I trust these companies with my personal information and email address? I don't want to receive Spam after I sign up! All the companies on our list have strict privacy polices. The only persons with access to your information will be the survey companies themselves. They are not allowed to share your information with anyone. This also means they can not sell or share your email address with any third party. You do not have to worry about getting Spam mail just because you sign up to take surveys.

I gave it a shot anyway for the purposes of my research and to my suprise I participated in a focus group for an hour and got paid $140 for my time. That intrigued me a bit about this company so I did an actual survey and got another payment of $60 and this was all within two weeks. Basically I completed two tasks for them and made $200. If you like taking surveys the following programs are definitely for you. These are the top survey sites on the web!

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